New Books Exhibition

From September 26 to 28, the Library held a Book Exhibition at the Exhibition Hall at the University Library. The books presented are published by various top academic publishers, such as Routledge, Academic Press, Princeton University Press, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press and etc. More than 2000 books of over 20 disciplines related to the university programs research fields are presented and the publishing year ranges from 2016- 2018.

Book Exhibition
Book Exhibition. Credit: Jingchen Sun/SSE/Subject Service


In the whole event, the exhibition received an average daily visit of over 50 patrons including both students and faculty members. Among the selected books, students prefer subjects in arts, humanities and social sciences while faculties mostly are interested in newly published textbooks related to teaching. Some faculties were regrettably not able to go to the exhibition due to time slot conflicts but they expressed keen interests in such event and suggested that book exhibitions should be held more frequently in the future. This is the first time that the library invited book publishers to host book exhibition.

“Doubtlessly, such interactive way of book selection is far more interesting and fascinating than letting us checking Excel spreadsheet and good for strengthening the communication between the library and patrons.” An SSE professor believed print book exhibition also provides opportunities for the library, the publishers and faculties to socialize with each other.


Book Exhibition 2
Selecting Books. Credit: Meng Yin/HSS/Subject Service