Did you have a wonderful Halloween?

Did you come to the Library and participate in one or more seasonal events during Halloween?

Staff in Halloween Costumes
Staff in Halloween Costumes. Credit: Weifan Gong/User Services/Access services


All these Halloween events were open to everyone, including Library users and staff.




Halloween Blackboard Program

The program asked all participants to write down a thing/experience she/he found haunted/creepy, and 243 answers were received by the end of October 31.

Here we present some common and/or interesting answers:

1.       There are 108 answers expressing concerns about work, exams and homework. Examples are shown below:

Course 1 Course 2 Course 3

Course 4 Course 5 Course 6


Impressively, there are many answers claimed that people are not only scared of the course but also the lecturers:


Prof 1 Prof 2 Prof 3

Prof 4 Prof 5 Prof 8

Prof 6 Prof 7 Prof 9


Interestingly, some Academics and staff also present their thoughts toward their work:


Work 1 Work 2


We received answers like the following as well:


Work 3


2.       Notably, there are 36 out of 243 presented their worries about relationship, especially romantic relationship:


Relationship 1 Relationship 2

Relationship 3 Relationship 4

Relationship 5 Relationship 6

3.       There are 31 people wrote that they are scared of being alone:

Life 1

There are people expressed their fear toward the unknown future, as well as their own identities:

Life 2 Life 3


Words from Librarian: There are 15 pieces of advice for people who feel lost from theodysseyonline.com at:




4.       People are also worried about their health issues, especially eyesight and hair problems:


Eyesight 1 Eyesight 2

Hair 1 Hair 2 Hair 3 Hair 5


5.       It is quite a surprise that there are not many people chose Animals&Insects as the most frightened things. In fact, there are only 18 out of 243 wrote an answer related to this category. Here are some examples:


Animals 1 Animals 2 Animals 3

Animals 4 Animals 5 Animals 6

Animals 7


These are the answers that most people voted in the Halloween Blackboard Program.




There are also some special answers, which are not in the categories that most people like:


Others 1


Words from Librarian: For those of you who had the same feelings, now it is the time for you to celebrate!


Others 2


Words from Librarian:

 If you found you are not on the same side as Tony, maybe you chose the wrong side.  


Halloween Prize Draw

There were over 1,200 people participated in the Halloween Prize Draw. We only provided 5 different prizes for 48 winners. The Library would consider to increase the win rate next time.

You may see the results in the following chart:


HPD Results


There are still 10 winners who have not picked up their prizes.

Please come and take your prize with you before Wednesday November 28, 2018!

Office Hours for picking up your Prizes:

Monday – Friday at 8:30 – 11:30 & 14:00 – 17:30