Event Showcase: Make a Christmas Wish


Did you make a Christmas wish at the Library before December 24?


The Library started the Make a Christmas Wish event on December 17. All Library users were encouraged to drop their wish tickets into the wooden wish box.


99 wish tickets were collected at 8:30AM on December 25, and 5 were SECRET to public.


According to the event instruction, the Library would not present the wish tickets marked as “SECRET.”


On the 94 wish tickets without SECRET marks, 132 wishes were written:


About romantic relationship

This can be one of the most interesting and hot topics within the wish tickets. There are 22 over 132 wishes about love, boyfriend & girlfriend.


About studying

Many people wish to receive good grades in the exams. Well, it’s Final season, so it’s very understandable. There are 33 wishes on this topic.


About life and future

31 wish to have a bright future and life in the coming years. The Library also wish you all to be happy and joyful in 2019.


About families and friends

Many people wrote down their best wishes to families and friends. There are 16 wishes on this topic.


About Hobbies and Interests

Entertainment is one of the most important parts in our life. There are 9 wishes on people’s hobbies and interests, such as music and singing bands.


About Money

6 people wish to be wealthy in the coming year. Very realistic, but who doesn’t?


About work

There are 4 wishes about having a good work, either a permanent one or just for practicum. Best wishes to you.


About health

Another 4 wishes about being healthier or having better body shape in 2019.


About world

1 wants world peace in his/her Christmas wish.


Wishes for special persons

There are wishes written in argot that only people who are in know can get the meaning.


Let’s take a look at what we got from the box: