Book Exhibition and Library Speech: Connecting Great Minds

Connecting Great Minds

Book Exhibition & Library Speech

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Library Speech

The Library will host THREE speeches from April 1 to April 8.

Each of the speeches will focus on a subject of a School (SME/SSE/HSS) that matches the THEME, Connecting Great Minds.

1. China's Economic Impact on Sino-U.S. Relations

China's Economic Impact on Sino-U.S. Relations


With the rapid increase in China's overseas investment and trade, China's global economic clout is increasing by the day. Chinese investment projects around the world, from railways in Africa and dams in Latin America to the acquisition of landmark buildings in the US, look to alter global patterns of influence and power. How would other countries react to China's rising international influence? How will the incumbent neo-imperialist power, the US, deal with and coexist with an emergent China?

In this lecture, Toh Han-Shih will interest readers who wish to understand the economic impact of China, such as the Belt and Road Project on various countries, its place on the world stage as well as the geopolitical implications for all in the 21st century.


About Speaker

Toh Han Shih is a Singaporean writer who has been living in Hong Kong since 2003. He is currently senior reporter at Finance Asia, a financial publication under Haymarket Media, a UK media firm. Before that he was Senior Asia Correspondent at MLex and a reporter at South China Morning Post for 10 years, where he reported on different aspects of business in greater China, including Chinese overseas investments, Chinese infrastructure projects around the world, trade, manufacturing, corruption and money laundering.


2. 浅谈牛顿力学和以太模型








3. 现实与幻想的复调——当代中国科幻的维度








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