• Author: Cohn, Theodore H.
    Publication Place: New York and Oxon
    Publication Date: 2016
    Publisher: Routledge
    Date: 21 - Aug - 2020
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    This volume places the study of international political economy in its broadest theoretical context to cover the continuing global economic crisis and regional relationships and impacts. Part One introduces what international political economy is and gives an overview of the discipline. Part Two explores the theoretical perspectives in details, including neomercantilism, liberalism, and other critical perspectives. Part Three deals with the specific issues in the field of international political economy, such as international monetary relations, financial crisis, global trade relations, reg…

  • Author: Kugelmann, Robert.
    Publication Place: New York
    Publication Date: 2011
    Publisher: Cambridge University Press
    Date: 22 - May - 2020
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    This book studies into the complicated relationship between science and religion from the beginnings of modern psychology to the mid-1960s. Topics covered include modernism and psychology; neoscholastic psychology; Catholicism, spiritualism, and science; psychoanalysis versus the power of will; Carl Jung’s challenges and Catholic replies; institutionalization of the relationship; humanistic psychology and Catholicism; trading zones between psychology and Catholicism; crossings of the boundaries between psychology and Catholicism. This fascinating study will be of great interest to scholars…

  • Author: Platt, Stephen R.
    Publication Place: New York
    Publication Date: 2012
    Publisher: Vintage
    Date: 13 - Dec - 2019
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    This book reviews the Taiping Civil War. It analyzes the foreign powers, especially key figures from the UK and the US, the reason why they intervened this civil war, and the effect on the end of it. These figures include the UK military officer who attacked the Taiping army, the US soldiers who were tempted by the high commissions, and the Western preachers who embraced the ideal to save the world. The impact from Zeng Guofan and his Xiang army is comparatively weakened to the orthodox view in Chinese history. Platt thinks that foreign powers and Zeng intervened this civil war because they…

  • Author: Kurose, J. F. & Keith W. R.
    Publication Place: Mew Jersey, USA
    Publication Date: 2017
    Publisher: Pearson
    Date: 02 - Aug - 2019
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    The subject of computer networking is enormously complex, involving many concepts, protocols and technologies that are woven together in an intricate manner. To cope with this scope and complexity, many computer networking texts are often organized around the layers of a network architecture. With layered organization, students can see through the complexity of computer networking-they learn about the distinct concepts and protocols in one part of the architecture while seeing the big picture of how all parts fit together. Unique among computer networking texts, t…

  • Author: Claverie, Jean-Michel and Cedric Notredame
    Publication Place: Indianapolis, IA
    Publication Date: 2007
    Publisher: Wiley
    Date: 02 - Aug - 2019
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    This book helps readers learn the basics of bioinformatics. According to the authors, Bioinformatics is about searching biological databases, comparing sequences, looking at protein structures, and asking biological and biomedical questions with a computer. To use this book, readers need the prerequisites of basic computer skills and background in molecular biology. This book is divided into 5 parts. Part 1 gives an overview of the basics of molecular biology and the main bioinformatics tools available on the Internet. Part 2 teaches about main bioinformatics data…

  • Author: David A. Forsyth, Jean Ponce
    Publication Place: 北京
    Publication Date: 2017
    Publisher: 电子工业出版社
    Date: 05 - Jul - 2019
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    This extraordinary book gives a uniquely modern view of computer vision. Offering a general survey of the whole computer vision enterprise along with sufficient detail for readers to be able to build useful applications, this book is invaluable in providing a strategic overview of computer vision. With extensive use of probabilistic methods-- topics have been selected for their importance, both practically and theoretically--the book gives the most coherent possible synthesis of current views, emphasizing techniques that have been successful in building applicatio…