Course Code Course Title Instructor Term
BSC6026 Epigenetics 雷湧 Spring 2021
BSC6027 Nucleic Acids 陈刚 Spring 2021
BME4003 Systems Bioengineering II: Neural Systems 赵永娟, 杨洲 Spring 2021
BSC6019 Computational Molecular Modeling and Design HIRAO Hajime Spring 2021
CHI1000 Chinese大学中文 Spring 2021
ENL1004 Reading & Writing for Language Majors II James Wesley Spring 2021
GED3309 The Problem of Love in Western and Chinese Poetry: From Ancient to Modern 刘冠岩 Spring 2021
GED3002 Global Genealogies of Chinese Social Science 冯先祥 Spring 2021
GEC2105 Rethinking Social Science Historically 冯先祥 Spring 2021