Congratulations to our winners of 2018 Library Photo Contest!


The voting part of 2018 Library Photo Contest: The Messiest Spot ended at night of January 20.

79 votes were received over the 20 pictures submitted by the participants.

The following pictures are the ones that have been picked up by the whole community members:



The following chart provides the details of the vote.

Notably, although we have three winning Gold prize, two of the pictures were submitted by the same I.D. number. According to the contest rules that each participant can only upload ONE picture, the owner of these two pictures will only receive one Gold prize.



The chart below indicates the last 3 digits of winners’ Campus I.D. numbers.

Votes 1


If you are one of the winners, congratulations! You will soon receive an email indicating where and when you can pick up your prize.



We appreciate everyone who participated in the contest! And we hope more and more people from the whole community will realize the problem.

Thank you, and have a happy Spring Festival!