Book Donation Ceremony for Mr. Zhipeng Huang


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On January 31, the Poet, Mr. Zhipeng Huang, visited and donated his collection of poetry, 山水田园集, to the University Library. The donation ceremony was held on the 2F at the University Library building.


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Zhipeng Huang, also known by his pen name Shan Ren, is one of the Poet Representatives at Longgang, Shenzhen. He is a member of Shenzhen Writers’ Association. Mr. Huang’s collection of poetry, 山水田园集, depicts his deep psychological and emotional connections to his hometown.


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The attendants included Professor X. Q. Cai (Associate Vice President of CUHK-Shenzhen), Mr. Zhipeng Huang (member of Shenzhen Writers’ Association), Mr. Guojun Bao (Member of Guangdong Writers’ Association & Vice President of Longgang Writers’ Association), and students and staff from the CUHK-Shenzhen.


Donation 1
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At the beginning of the ceremony, Professor Cai gave a brief speech and present the gratefulness and appreciation to Mr. Huang on behalf of the whole CUHK-Shenzhen community.

During the ceremony, Mr. Huang expressed his passion for poetry and praised the high-level education of the CUHK-Shenzhen.


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Library users can pick up one 山水田园集 at the Security Desk on 2F-UL for free by filling up a pick-up form.