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Rules & Policies

1. The Library only accepts contributions from a CUHK-Shenzhen email account.

2. All creations received by the Library will undergo reviewing process. The processing time will depend on the size of the creation, the readability/contents of the creation, the period of submission time, and other external factors..

3. The Library will send out a notification through email if the creation has passed the reviewing process. If any changes are required, the Library will contact the authors via email for further actions. No notifications will be distributed if the creation is declined.

4. The creations submitted to the Library can be in any forms that are accessible online, such as videos, songs, writings and paintings.

5. By submitting to the Library, the authors agree to allow the Library to use, share, and reproduce all/part of the creations if the submitted works are published on QUAD.

6. The contents of the creations should not contain trolling, ranting, personal attacks, harassment, racism & discrimination, hate speech, sexism, rumormongering, advertising, pornography, or any other elements that are restricted by the Law of the People’s Republic of China, and/or the University Library policies & regulations.

7. It is the authors’ responsibility to ensure their creations do not violate the Law of the People’s Republic of China including copyright laws, and/or the University Library policies & regulations. The Library is not responsible for any consequences due to violation of laws.



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"My favorite novel is Gone With the Wind -- an epic historical story written by Margaret Mitchell that depicts the struggling life of a young lady, Scarlet O’Hara, during American Civil War and Reconstruction Era. The detailed descriptions are one of the attractions of the story that grabs my attention and promotes me to read" (Xinyi Chen).


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