Library News: New Books on Shelf

Library News: New Books on Shelf

We are proud to announce that the University Library has completed shelving of a total number of 12, 500+ books, covering a very broad range of disciplines. In this way the total number of the library holdings significantly reaches over 120, 000 and rises by 10% compared to our original collection. Different from our previously arrived book collection, this batch of books are all housed by 12 world-class top university libraries as listed below and therefore are considered of great academic value and reputation in their subjects. 

12 world-class top university libraries


The following pie chart shows the proportion of the books in four main classes. Extensive reading in the subjects of humanities, social sciences and arts by no means expand one’s outlook and serves the purpose of general education.

This is a pie chart showing the proportion of the books in four main classes.

In these four main classes we have the subclasses of language and literature, business, psychology, sociology, history, arts, and philosophy taken the majority of the whole collection.


The library lists some of the selected good ones and recommended to you:


1. 2104 titles in the class of language and literature, which further incorporates great literature works from all over the word and also across different eras, and large amount of linguistic theory books and language learning.

2. 1347 titles in social sciences. This interdisciplinary class includes a great variety of subclass such as sociology, psychology, finance, economics, and management. This collection is highly consistent with the courses offered in the university and provided good reference to teaching and research.

3. 1125 titles in history. This covers not only general world history or history of Asia, Africa, Europe and America countries but also research works on certain historical events.

4. 701 in fine arts includes the topic of architecture, painting, and sculpture.

5. 1149 in arts, including the subject of music, architecture, painting, sculpture and other forms of art.


So far, all books have been shelved in the 4th floor general collection area and some of them are placed in the on the General Education shelf at the 2nd floor. You are always very welcomed to come and check them out.


Author: SSE Librarian

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