[UL] Don't Be Panic! Library Fire Drill Notification

Don't Be Panic! Library Fire Drill Notification

2019 Notice of Annual Fire Fighting System Test will start this weekend!



Library Testing Schedule

Location Date Time
Start-up Zone Library Sun June 2 9:30 - 17:30
University Library Sat June u 9:30 - 17:30

Testing Items

  1. Automatic fire alarm system;
  2. Fire water system;
  3. Smoke control system;
  4. Gas fire extinguishing system;
  5. Emergency evacuation lighting system;
  6. Fire telephone and fire broadcast system;
  7. Fire shutter door system.

Kindly Reminder

1 Please keep calm if you hear the fire alarm rang.
2 Please keep away from the area of fire shutter doors.
3 Please save your computer data in advance due to the power supply may be temporarily cut off.

If you have any concerns about the fire drill, please contact the University Security Office at 0755-84273659 for detailed arrangement.