Back 2 School Newsletter

Back2School Newsletter

Fall 2019

A Letter from Library  Dear Library Users,    Welcome back for the start of the 2019-2020 academic year!  As thye new school year begins, we wish you all to have a successful university experience and enjoy your studies at the CUHK-Shenzhen.

Upcoming Events

Read It Out - Recording Program

Date September 2 - September 13
Time By Appointment
Location University Library
Registration Date Start on August 27

Spots are LIMITED!


All users are invited to bring a piece of their favourite texts, read one or a few paragraphs and give a brief comment on their readings.


Each participant can register only one recording session. Each session will take 10~15 minutes.

Read it out


Library Adventure - New Student Library Tour

Date September 20
Time 2PM - 5PM
Location University Library
Registration Date August 28 - September 15

Are you confused with what our library can do with your university life?


Come and join our Library Adventure to solve this mysterious confusion yourself!


Register Now! Limited Spots Available!


Lib Adventure



Other Events

1. Things You Missed About Summer

2. Spin the Wheel - Library Draw

3. Open House

4. Scientific Book Exhibition (UAC)

5. Library Training Session


Click each event to view details about the program/activity.


We look forward to meeting you all at the events in the Library!


Come and join us!

Highlights of New Semester

Research Commons

For graduate students to work on their research projects.


Remember to present your Campus Card to enter this area.

Research Commons Location: 5 Floor at University Library

For faculty members to work on their research projects, conduct academic meetings and other activities.


Don't forget to present your Campus Card to enter this area.

Faculty Research Commons

Location: 6 Floor at University Library Faculty Research Commons
More Details 

For users to easily scan books and/or other information resources.


Make sure you have checked the copyright policies before using the machine.

Help Yourselves Digitizing Station Location: 2 Floor at University Library

To improve the user experience, we completed the Library Entrance Construction Project during the summer.


Now we have the auto sliding doors instead of the traditional bi-fold doors.

New Entrance
Location: University Library New Entrance
Tooker Robot

To improve the accuracy of book localization.


If you see Tooker working, please do not interrupt it.

Tooker Robot Location: 4 Floor at University Library


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