【Reminder】 Library Holiday Hours and Upcoming Events


2019 Mid-Autumn Poster

The Library wishes you a merry Mid-Autumn Festival!


Please refer to the following chart for Library Hours and Service Desk Hours during Mid-Autumn Festival (University Library = UL; Start-up Zone Library = SUZL):


Service Point Friday (9.13) Saturday (9.14) Sunday (9.15)
Library Hours
8:30 - 23:30 8:30 - 23:30
Service Desk
(Ask Us)
NA 9:30 - 12:00
13:00 - 17:00
Library Hours
7:30 - 23:30



Fire Alarm


Fire Fighting System Test (Notice from University Security Office)
The fire fighting system of the Library of CUHK-Shenzhen will be tested on Friday Sept 13 from 8:30 to 12:00.
Testing items include:
•    Automatic fire alarm system;
•    Fire water system;
•    Smoke control system
•    Gas fire extinguishing system;
•    Emergency evacuation lighting system;
•    Fire telephone and fire broadcast system;
•    Fire shutter door system.
Please keep calm if you hear the fire alarm.
Please keep away from the area of fire shutter doors.
Please save your computer data in advance due to the power supply may be temporarily cut off.


- Events & Workshops -

•    UAC科幻漫游Sci-Fi Book Exhibition
•    Library Draw:『图书馆新闻联播』评论抽奖!22日截止!

【Quota full】Library Adventure - New Student

Date: 2019/09/20

Are you confused with what our library can do with your university life? Come and join our Library Adventure to solve this mysterious confusion yourself!
Registration: closed on September 15 Midnight (@Sept. 16 00:00)
If your registration has been successfully received and processed, you will receive an Email from the Library after registration deadline.

If you are on the waiting list but there are no empty seats can be filled, you will receive an explanation Email from the Library after registration deadline as well.


Library Workshops

Date: 2019/09/16-2019/09/19

Introduction to LibGuides & Google Scholar
Click HERE to register!


Audit Analytics Training

Click HERE to access the video.

You need to sign in with your CUHK-Shenzhen account first.



Are you interested in these events and workshops?
If you have an interest in participation, click on the links for more details!


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