Library Holiday Message for 2019 National Day Holiday


This is a Library Holiday Message of Library Hours during the holiday and the upcoming events held in our library.


We wish you to have a happy and merry holiday!


National Day Poster



Library Hours for National Day Holiday

Group Study Room Booking System on Trial (Start-up Zone Library)


The booking system for the new rooms is still under testing and development. Please contact us if problems occurred while using either the system or the rooms.


Something you should know before booking a library room:


  • Maximum 2 hours per block, maximum 2 blocks per day;

  • Minimum 2 people per room;

  • All group members MUST present and tap their own Library Card within 10 minutes after the starting time that booked;

  • If one or more group members do not present on time, there will be a black mark on the group leader’s booking record;

  • When there are 3 black marks on one’s booking record, your booking privilege will be temporarily suspended. 



Something you should know when using a library room:


  • Access to the Group Study Room is permitted only for purposes of studying and researching;

  • Please take care of the equipment and facilities so that we can continue to offer you these services;

  • NO food or drinks with exception of clear water are allowed to enter the room. Please remove the garbage when you leave the room;

  • Please take care of your own belongings. Library takes NO responsibilities for any lost or damage of personal items;

  • Please turn off light and close door when vacating rooms.


Booking System


Upcoming Events


Training on Wind Financial Terminal


Wind Financial Terminal provides investment professionals with the data and insights they need to understand China's complex capital markets and economy. It is one of the most frequently-used financial resources of the library! 

Language: Mandarin

Time: 4:30pm-5:30pm, September 27

Location: 209 Training Classroom, University Library

No Registration Needed!


LibGuides Workshop


Library workshops last week took advantage of LibGuides to browse all kinds of library resources. LibGuides organizes all kinds of library resources, such as books, journals, and databases, by online guides such as Subject Guide and Course Guide, in order to help patrons deeply understand and make use of library resources. LibGuides provides the contact of subject librarians who build each Subject Guide and Course Guide, in order to help patrons seek for assistance. The link here is the video recording of this session.

The link here is the video recording of this session. If you missed the session, no worries, watch the video HERE!



Research Workshop

Library workshops this week covered different types of academic resources, as well as how to search for these resources in our library. At the beginning, we will learn about different resource types, such as books, journal articles, conference proceedings, newspapers & magazines, dissertations and theses, images, videos and datasets. We also covered how to search for print resources in our library, as well as database search skills such as Boolean Operators Searching, Field Searching, Proximity Operators Searching, and Truncation Searching.

Again, if you missed the sessions, no worries, watch the video HERE!



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