2019 Library Adventure News

X-Files 2019 Lib Adventure
Explorers Assemble. Photo Credit: Ivan Weng, Weifan Gong

On September 20, a library adventure was successfully hold.

Library welcomed 5 groups of freshmen to enjoy the event. In the adventure, all groups were supposed to solve three puzzles and finally find out the missing book. The first group came back would be rewarded with the first prize.

On the event day, students arrived at room 209 successively. At 2:30 pm, a short video showing the background story was played. After a brief introduction of rules, adventurers started their journey. Their first mission was to get in touch with the mystery person near database in the first floor. They made full use of their acuity, which made the first mission completed in a short time. Their next step was to find the service desk located in the second floor.


Some student assistants pretended to be the person who distributed clues. However, their tricks didn’t work. The clever adventurers soon went to the fourth floor to do the third task. On there, they needed to get a book call number and locate the related shelves.


With the help of clue providers, they finally found the missing books.

All groups tried their best to complete the 4 missions. After finding the fifth missing book, an award ceremony was held to reward students for their participation. Lasting about three hours, the event came to the end. All participants and stuffs enjoyed the adventure this afternoon. 

2019 Lib Adventure
Winners. Photo Credit: Weifan Gong


Take a look at our documentary video of the event!