The Library Creative Marketing Competition

On the afternoon of September 25, the final round of the Library Creative Marketing Competition began!


The library creative marketing competition was jointly organized by the library and the Marketing Club. After 10 days’ brainstorming, a total of 17 teams participated in the competition and only 6 of them entered the final. At the same time, we invited So Lai Man Stella, assistant dean and associate professor of the School of Management and Economics and Zhu Qiang, director of the library at Shenzhen MSU-BIT University, as guests of the competition. The theme of this competition is to make a marketing plan for the University Library so that users can better understand and use the functions and services of the library.


Let us review the wonderful performance of the players in this competition!

Before the competition, Director Zhu Qiang made a speech. As a manager of the library for many years, he believes that the library could provide students with resources in both paper and electronics, which is helpful to students' learning. This competition allows students to participate in the management of library resources so that better understand library resources and improve the use of library resources and service.


After the brilliant performance of six groups, the judges selected first three outstanding teams.


Champion team: Best Match

Members: Xiao Yulu, Chen Nuo, Wang Yicheng

The team revised the library webpage into a library applet that can be conveniently used by mobile phones. The applet uses pictures and small videos to make library services and electronic resources more clearly displayed on the phone screen. It is convenient for users to operate. Also, the library is promoted in the form of comics in school corridors, stations, elevators, or other locations in order to make users scan the QR code of the library easily to obtain the latest activities of the library and enjoy electronic resources. At the same time, the applet will record each user's library usage, including the number of times in the library, the length of using the group study room, the number of consultations, etc., and it will give suggestions based on the records to better use the library. The applet has also added opinion section to encourage users put forward their suggestions and improve the library's services.


Runner-up team: Imagine Economists

Members: Lv Zhang Shiyi, Liao Yuxuan, Fu Ziqing

The team put forward a series of plans for the improvement of the library.

Firstly, for freshmen who need a quick and brief understanding of the library, they suggested organizing activities on library-related topics called murder mystery game to give freshmen the opportunity to experience library services in person.

Secondly, the team recommended that the library's information be more easily accessible to readers through the integration of electronic resources.

1 Adjust the page layout and information of E-board in the library so that readers entering the library can quickly find the information they want.

2Establish a WeChat applet for the library so that readers can use library resources more conveniently on their mobile phones. Also, the WeChat applet can display personal borrowing records, group study room reservations and other information in their personal accounts.

Thirdly, for the oversized collections in the library, the team suggested displaying them on themes to attract students to visit and study.


Third place team: Bounty Hunters

Members: Fu Ziyue Ran Jieyang Zhao Peiran

The team was inspired by the movie "Night at the Museum" and planned to organize an activity called "Adventure in the Library". The team designed the registration form, activity rules, goals and activity tasks to enable students to better understand the library's resources and services in the participation. This activity is designed for students to finish tasks in groups. The tasks include booking a group study room, searching for specific books, using equipment, and guessing designated locations. The participants in the activity, including the staff and players, can have a deep understanding of the facilities and services of the library.


Judges’ Review:

Professor So concluded that all the participants in this competition were able to find problems, flexibly use marketing knowledge to analyze and try to give solutions. They are basically logically self-consistent. When analyzing problems, questionnaire surveys are used and supported by relevant data. Particularly, most of participants are freshmen and sophomores. They also performed well and put forward very creative plans. At the same time, attractiveness and participation of students should be considered. Also, plan B for each solution is needed to prevent some possible problems. Lastly, the follow-up influence and integrity of the activity is important because the goal is to ensure that all the teachers and students can benefit.


All the participants in the competition performed well. Their wonderful performance was praised by the students and teachers present. Thank you to all the staff, participants and audiences of the contest!