1. What is OPAC?
OPAC is the short name for Online Public Access Catalog and it provides users with library cata log searching directly. Users can search the whole library collection (books, journals and media)

2. What can I do with e-resource?
E-resource provide eligible users with free academic materials acquisition. You can search our databases by clicking on the button “E-Resource Search” on the library website. If you want to know more about each database, please refer to “E-Resources”.

3. What can I do with “My Account”?
You can check your user status and review your borrowing history after you sign in. For detailed information, please refer to “How to use my account”.

4. What can I do if I couldn’t find a book on the shelf?
Check the catalog and make sure that the book is “Not Check Out”. If the book is still not able to be found, please come to our circulation desk and fill in the “Book Tracing Form” and we will try to locate the book for you.

5. What can I do if I lost the book borrowed?
Please fill in the form “Problematical Books” at circulation desk. You can refer to our Policies and Regulations for more information.

6. Where can I find books recommended for the course I am studying?
You can search the book in our catalog and all the course reserve (CR) books are kept on the shelf next to the circulation desk. You can also find it by clicking on “Course Reserve” on the library website.

  • Fill out the form “Recommend Books for the Library” at circulation desk.
  • After you log in “My Account” on the library’s catalog, you can click on “Recommend Purchase” button on the upper right corner to fill in the form online and submit it to us.


7. How to recommend a book for the library collection?
Currently, we provide two ways for readers to recommend a book :

8. If I want to donate something to library, what can I do?
Library welcomes any donation of books and other materials. Please click on Gifts to CUHK(SZ) to know more about concerned policies.

9. Can I photocopy the whole book in the library?
No. A general rule of thumb is that no more than 20% of an entire book, or a chapter of a book can be copied. For more detailed information, please refer to “Statement on fair use of copyrighted material at the CUHK(SZ) library” in the library.

10. What is an inter-library loan and document delivery service?
Generally speaking, inter-library loan (ILL) is a service by which a user of one library can borrow books or receive photocopies of documents that are owned by another library. CUHK(SZ) students and staff members may submit requests for journal articles and books which are not owned by our library from other libraries. For detailed information, please refer to Inter-Library Loan and Document Delivery.

11. How can I access the library’s e-resources off campus?
You can do it by VPN. For details, please visit Remote Access to E-resources.

12. How to book a group study room?
There are 6 group study rooms for readers to use in the library. By 2 pm every Friday at circulation desk, the booking sheet will be ready for the next week. You’re welcome to book a time slot in person at the circulation desk.

13. Does the library have a Lost and Found service?
Yes, it is located at circulation desk in the library.

14. What can I do if I have a suggestion for the library?
Please write down your suggestions and comments in the notebook located at the circulation desk, or you can send emails to library@cuhk.edu.cn.


15. I am a short-term visiting scholar. Am I available to borrow books at the Library?

The answer is YES AND NO. Visiting scholars cannot apply for borrowing privilege on their own. If you need such privilege, you need to: 1. Have a valid temporary Campus I.D. Card; 2. Have applied and received a temporary Campus Account from ITSO; 3. Contact the school you are visiting to be your guarantor, and to submit an application form for you.