Policies and Regulations



Borrowing privileges are given to members of the CUHK (SZ) community, i.e. students, academics and staff.


To borrow the Library's E-readers, library users must agree to the E-reader Borrowing Agreement. You may find the pdf-version of the agreement at the bottom of this page.


l If requested by others, your borrowed items will be recalled by CUHK (SZ) Library.

l Each library user can request a maximum of 5 items at one time.

l Check your email for a “Request Notice” with revised due day.

l You have 14 days to return item(s) to the library.

l You have 3 days to pick up the requested material after receiving a Request Notice.



Items may be renewed online or in person at the reference desk, if no other user has requested the item. Check above table for maximum renewal limits.


l Overdue fines. See rates in above table

l Lost material charge = replacement fee + 50.00 (process fee)

l Rebinding/repair charges for items returned damaged = replacement fee + 50.00 (process fee)

l CUHK (SZ) Library suspends your borrowing privileges when there are fines on your library account.



CUHK (SZ) Library inspires teaching, learning, exploring and researching. Use of the University Library is a privilege with associated responsibilities for all users. Library users are responsible for informing themselves of library policies. This code applies to all library users including academics, staff and students.


§ All library users MUST comply with the Law of the People’s Republic of China, and all University Library policies and regulations.

§ Library users must present their own library card to enter and use the Library. Using others’ card or giving one’s own card to others is extremely forbidden.

§ Access to the library is permitted only for purposes of using library resources or studying. Soliciting, loitering or sleeping is not permitted.

§ Distribution of leaflets and displays of posters are NOT allowed unless authorization is granted. All unauthorized material will be removed.

§ To protect the privacy of all staff and users, Audio recording, videotaping, photography and other audio-visual recording are not permitted except where expressly authorized.



§ Library is a public facility. Library users are responsible for their own personal belongings, and not leaving thier baggage unattended even for a few minutes.

§ The Library takes NO responsibility for any lost or damage of personal items.

§ Library users should bring a reasonable number of personal items for study purpose ONLY into the Library. The Library considers reasonable when a user can handle and move comfortably at any one time.

§ Items left unattended may be removed and sent to nearest UNATTENDED ITEM AREA, or Lost & Found Desk (for items discovered on the 2F in the University Library ONLY).

§ All unattended food and drinks will be discarded immediately, and the person who brought the items into the Library will be recorded on the User Misbehaviour Record.

§ Items on the Lost & Found Desk will be discarded on the last business day of each month.

§ Library users are expected to observe all Library Services rules and guidelines. Any activity in the Library that interferes with the rights of other Library users, or that is potentially harmful to any library user, staff, the facility, or library resources, is considered unacceptable.



§ No outside food or drinks are allowed anywhere in the library unless otherwise designated.



§ We have a tobacco-free campus, so NO smoking is allowed in or near the Library.



§ Animals are not allowed in the library with exception of permission of the Library.



§ The Library is a public facility that serves the whole University community. Every library user has the responsibility to ensure that the Library environment is respectful of everyone’s right to use the Library.

§ Library users should remove all garbage from their seats when they leave.

§ Library users must NOT mark, deface, damage or destroy any Library resources or property.


Violation of the Code of Behaviour for Library Users and other Library regulations and policies may result in, but not limited to, any or all of the following:

§ Temporary/permanent suspension of part/all user privileges

§ Reporting in the User Misbehaviour Record

§ Immediate ban from the Library

§ Reporting in the Student Record

§ Referral to University Security Group and/or the police


For the complete Chinese version of the Code of Behaviour for Library Users, please contact our librarian at the University Library.