University Library Library of the Start-up Zone
Equipment Floor Number of Equipment Equipment Floor Number of Equipment
Printer with Scanner First/Second 2 Printer with Scanner First 2
Third/Fourth/Fifth/Sixth 1 Computer (Windows) First 24
Computer (Windows) Second/Fourth 32 Second 20
Third 42
iMac Second/Third/Fifth 54 Fourth 36
Reading Machine* First 1
Self-Check Terminals Second 2 Book Sterilizer First 1
Cell Phone Rest Area First 168 Grids Cell Phone Rest Area First 96 Lockers
Second 112 Grids

* You can access 10,000 different titles of electronic books, as well as the latest Xinhua Daily, Global Times and 21 century Economic Herald, by using the machine.

Fees for Printing/Photocopying/Scanning are listed below.

A4 A3
Black & White Color Black & White Color
0.10RMB 0.85RMB 0.20RMB 1.70RMB  
1.69 MB
4 MB
2.09 MB
Self-service Printing System.pdf
1.3 MB
VPN for MAC.pdf
499.13 KB
VPN for WIN.pdf