University Library

The new Library of CUHK-Shenzhen Group Study Room Booking System has finally released. To use the new system, you need to login to your own Campus Account, and manage your bookings.Please read The University Library Study Room Booking System Policies carefully before using the system. You can also find these policies at the booking system page.

Reserve Rooms 

1.How does the system decide if a group member attended?

  • When a group member swipes his/her own Library card, the system recognizes the person as having attended the booking. As a result, all group members MUST present and swipe their own Library Card within 10 minutes after the starting time that booked. If one or more group members do not present on time, there will be a black mark on the group leader’s booking record.

2.How to view my booking record?

  • Login to the system and view your booking record on the Personal Information page.

3.How to cancel my booking, if I were not available to attend?

  • Please delete your booking if your plans change and you decide that you will be unable to attend, otherwise there will be a black mark against the group leader.

4.What happens to the black marks on my record? How long will the black mark stay on my record?

  • When there are 3 black marks on one’s booking record, the person’s booking privilege will be temporarily suspended.
  • Booking records will be cleared at the beginning of each academic year on September 2.

5.What can I do if I have doubts about the black marks on my account?

  • Please double-check the panel display before you enter the room, to ensure you have successfully checked in.
  • If the display doesn't show the information correctly, please take a photo and submit it at: 图书馆小组学习室问题反馈